Fitness Trainer Fantasy POV VirtualRealPorn

VirtualRealPorn: Warming Up For Yoga

Nope, this isn’t another yoga tutorial, it’s a VR porn scene with sexy Czech Vanessa Decker doing yoga positions.

Now we guess we have your attention, right?

Even though you were never a fan of this kind of exercise, when your personal trainer is this sensual European, it’s impossible to say no to anything, especially when you have a pair of GearVR, a VirtualRealPorn scene in 5K and Vanessa Decker doing different yoga positions.

As you may have imagined by now, this virtual reality porn adventure begins with a random stretching which ends with a problem in her leg, so you have to massage her on her mat with oil till she can’t take it anymore, takes off her clothes and asks you, yes you guessed it, to fuck her.

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Fitness Trainer Fantasy POV VirtualRealPorn

VirtualRealPorn: Flexibility Challenge

Flexibility exercises never made much sense for you; you didn’t get any fun of it even in virtual reality, till now.

Your girlfriend, sexy teen Russian Alecia Fox is doing her stretching while you’re playing videogames on your phone.

As soon as you watch how flexible she can be in her workout, you can’t help a boner which will burnt your oculusgo or any other headset you may be using.

As it usually happens on many scenes on our VR porn site, all that begins fucking on the couch, ends on the floor.

And this video will finish on this sensual European’s mat, getting every possible position till realizing stretching is fun, or, in other words, till cumming on her face.

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BaDoinkVR Fitness Trainer Fantasy POV

BaDoinkVR: Training Hard

You’ve been training for your first triathlon for a couple of weeks, but you’re starting to think that you should get a different personal trainer.

Haley is good at her job, sure, but that body of hers is just too damn distracting and it’s difficult to complete a workout when you’re fully torqued the whole time.

Lucky for you, Haley is a smart girl and she knows just how to fix the problem through some yoga-inspired stretches.

First, the downward-facing doggy-style, then a few slow squats, and finally, cum salutations.

Realistically, you’ll never be prepared for the triathlon at this rate, but that doesn’t matter when you’re balls-deep in Haley Reed.

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18VR Fitness Trainer Fantasy POV

18VR: Warm Up

As a personal trainer, you’ve got to choose your clients carefully.

You charge them those premium prices, but every now and again you come across a girl who’s looking to get a free session.

As you’re getting ready to go home for the day, Danielle Margot shows up for an impromptu consultation.

You don’t have time for this shit, but you hear her out.

She’s got very specific goals – a firmer chest and a tighter tuchus.

Generously, you decide to offer her a free introductory offer, a full session free of charge.

One-half hour of ass, throat, and pussy exercises later, Danielle will be ready for her post-workout protein shake, so go ahead and give it to her.

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Fitness Trainer Fantasy POV WankzVR

WankzVR: Stretch, Strip, Fuck

Bailey Brooke needs a spotter, an audience and a dick all at once!

You step it up and play your part in an epic sexcercise session to help this little Cardio Hunny.

She starts with a stretch and a seductive strip show before you make use of your equipment.

Bailey gets the private training she needs and she’s soon an expert of the Blowflex and a total ThighMaster!

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Fitness Trainer Fantasy Naughty America VR POV

Naughty America VR: Thirsty With Kenzie Taylor

“The sluttier the better,” that’s Kenzie Taylor’s motto!

Especially when it comes to posting post-workout nudes on Thirstygram, all for your pleasure.

She’s doing that on Naughty America VR today, and, lucky for you, she’s decided that the more oil she squirts all over her big tits and big ass, the better.

The experience of her sitting on an exercise ball, rubbing oil all over her massive boobs and big thonged butt will alone get your heart racing.

You were there to just work out, but now you’re already sweating, and soon you’ll be drenched in it.

Because, you see, Kenzie’s feeling very horny today, and you happen to be in the right place at the right time.

She’s even going to rub oil all over your dick before she puts it in her mouth and in between her tits.

Kenzie strokes you hard and rubs your cock on her nipples before giving you the best blowjob you’ve never had in a gym.

She wants your dick inside her so much that she’ll even let you tear her yoga pants wide open so you can get to the goods easier and faster.

Get hypnotized by her big, oiled-up butt as you pound her from behind, and when she spins around on your cock, let those oily big titties bounce all over your face.

Then fuck those big bombs until you cum all over them, just like she wants you to do.

Exercise never felt so good!

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Fitness Trainer Fantasy Naughty America VR POV Threesome Fantasy

Naughty America VR: Thirsty with Luna Star & Bridgette B

Luna Star and Bridgette B are thirsty, and they’re about to show you just how parched they are.

No leg day, no problem!

You skip the workout for something a little more exciting, as these two blonde bombshells catch you staring at them as they put their juicy tits and asses on display, trying to get that perfect selfie.

They decide to take it upon themselves to be your special welcoming committee–you’re new at the gym, and they want to make you feel at home here.

Plus, they want some action from you in return!

They strip down and tease you, oiling up their tits and asses before the real fun begins.

These girls will have you any way they can take you.

They’ll ride your throbbing dick in every direction until you can’t take it anymore.

As you cum all over Luna Star‘s ass and Bridgette B‘s tits, you know you’ll definitely be getting a lifetime membership to this gym.

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Fitness Trainer Fantasy Naughty America VR POV Threesome Fantasy

Naughty America VR: Thirsty with Abella Danger & Mandy Muse

Are you thirsty?

Abella Danger and Mandy Muse are, and they want you to be a part of their “thirsty” experience.

They’re shaking their big asses and trying to get their sweat on, with the intention of not only getting a good workout, but posting sexy selfies on their Thirstagram accounts as they get hot and steamy.

And it just so happens that you’re there, too, so why not join in with them – especially once their bare asses pop out of their yoga pants and on goes to the oil!

You don’t have to imagine double-stacked fat asses anymore; you can EXPERIENCE them.

And it’s all because of Naughty America VR porn, where you’re dropped into your fantasies as soon as your VR headset goes on.

Mandy and Abella say “Fuck it,” and get naked right there in the gym, and they’re even so bold as to pull you throbbing cock out of your pants and start sucking on it.

Did you ever think you’d have a sweaty threesome with two big-booty babes at the gym?

Your chance is NOW!

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Fitness Trainer Fantasy POV VR Bangers

VR Bangers: Twelve O’Cock Training Appointment

Boxing gloves ready?


Boxing helmet prepared?


Dick in your hand and VR goggles on your head? …Yeah? Good!

Then you’re ready to watch this amazing boxing VR Porn video.

Since adrenaline and testosterone are the hormones that should get you even hornier than usually, watching this immersive VR Porn movie might be the best thing you’ve ever viewed as it combines some true masculine emotions with a lot of hardcore fucking.

In this VR Porn fantasy you’ll get to be an experienced boxer who’s having a break after a long sparing with his professional coach.

Since your boxing skills are so epic and everyone wants to train with you, it was only a matter of time for you to have a groupie that will do anything to fuck you.

Today it’ll be no other than a slutty Vanessa Cage, who’ll do literally everything to get some fighting lessons from you – including giving you her juicy pussy, as it’s the best thing that she has to offer.

Since it sounded like a fair deal to you, you promise to give her a lesson later, as long as she’ll get on her knees now and suck your dick balls deep – and this is just the beginning of this Virtual Reality Porn movie.

The scene continues with Vanessa riding on your cock like it was one of the gym machines, when stroking your schlong and getting it as deep as possible.

Her moans are so wild and loud that you begin to worry that someone from the gym might hear you, but as long as she’ll finish what she’s doing, it doesn’t really matter.

Wear your VR headset and join this exclusive VR Porn film to have the best training of your life and perhaps change your mind about the gyms and fighting clubs – if Vanessa was going to the club around your place, we’re sure that you’d have your pass bought by now.

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Fitness Trainer Fantasy Naughty America VR POV

Naughty America VR: Booty Basics

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to do the Sofi Ryan challenge?

Let’s find out, shall we?

She already knows you’ve been creeping on her at the gym, and as a matter of fact, she caught you peepin’ her inside the women’s showers when nobody else was around!

So now it’s time to put your mouth where your eyes have been.

It’s just the two of you in the gym, and no one’s gonna be around for hours.

Sofi struts on over to you after doing her squats, and tells you that it’s time for her to squat on your dick!

You wanna pump iron or you wanna pump Sofi?

Put the dumbbells down, ya dumbbell, and put on your VR headset!

But don’t rest on your laurels, because fucking Sofi Ryan in a Naughty America VR porn experience is its own kind of workout.

You’ll get a sweat just sitting back and letting her suck your big dick!

But don’t think she’s doing all the work.

No sirree.

Sofi puts your cock in gear, commanding you to do all kinds of reps and sets on her pussy until your loins ache.

Hey, no pain, no eruptive orgasm via pornstar Sofi Ryan.

If you can make it through this Virtual Reality sex experience, challenge one of your friends to see who else can live up to Sofi’s standards!

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