BaDoinkVR Office Fantasy POV

BaDoinkVR: The Cinn Of Sodomy

You’re the new VP of sales at Cinn Lube Co. and today is your first day.

CEO, Christiana Cinn has called you into her office because she’s heard around the water cooler that you’ve never actually fucked a girl in the ass.

What kind of VP of sales would you be if you’ve never even tested your product?

Lucky for you, Ms. Cinn takes a very hands-on approach to leadership and she’s ready to let you test it out on her.

So take this opportunity to slide your dick inside Christiana‘s tight little asshole, because, after this, you’ll mainly be managing sales teams, signing off on expenses, and generally being responsible.

Enjoy that ass.

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BaDoinkVR Office Fantasy POV

BaDoinkVR: Reign Supreme

Ms. Reign has come to your office to interview for the open marketing exec position.

She seemed a bit cocky during her phone interview and you’ve already contacted her references – most of them cited at least one instance of inappropriate sexual conduct within the office, so naturally, you called her in for a face-to-face interview.

Unsurprisingly, Tasha plays the sex card almost immediately.

By the time she’s pushing her huge D cup titties in your face, your dick is rock hard and when you get a taste of her sweet pussy, you realize that this girl definitely has some qualities that fit right into your office culture.

So go ahead and fuck this stacked blonde babe, and get ready to tell HR that they’ll need to begin Tasha‘s onboarding process first thing Monday morning.

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Office Fantasy POV VR Bangers

VR Bangers: Laid Off

Have you ever wanted to bang your sexy female boss?

Umm… no, wait a minute.

Do you even have such an employer?

You certainly do in the VR Bangers‘ VR Porn universe, so even if you’re working at home or you have no boss at all, you can now fulfill this fantasy thanks to our newest VR porn video.

Since Laid Off VR porn movie is a scenario about daydreaming, it could actually happen to you in the real life, but we sincerely doubt that your dreams come true in 4K ultra high definition quality like our virtual reality porn videos.

Today you and some other employees will be sitting around a conference table, while your boss – super-hot VR porn star Angela White – will be explaining some strategy how to take over the condom business.

The conference is so boring that you’ll accidentally fall asleep, making your horny daydream begin.

In your imagination – what in this case means “in this immersive VR porn fantasy” – everything will get much more interesting in a matter of minutes, as Angela will out of sudden change her tone of voice when talking to you, being a little more… nice, when interacting with one of her least-liked employees.

Try to forget for one moment that this is a VR porn fantasy only, don’t think of it as it was a daydream, and let this pleasant atmosphere suck you in the immersive virtual reality experience.

You have no idea how much Angela has to offer, so wear your VR headset right now to check this busty babe VR porn video out, and let VR Bangers surprise you in one of the most enjoyable ways!

Fucking on the conference table might be something that you’ve never had an opportunity to try out, so this VR porn movie is definitely worth spending you evening with – isn’t it?

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Czech VR Office Fantasy POV

Czech VR: 202 – Soothing Secretary

Your day certainly could have gone better, but not all is lost, because Arian Joy will not leave you sad for long!

You just lost loads of money, because the contract you worked so hard for did not come through.

Your smoking hot secretary delivers the sad news and she just cannot stand the sight of your misfortune.

Being the horny minx that she is, she knows exactly how to pick you up from a depression before it even begins.

Prepare for a ride of your life in our great new VR porn experience!

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Naughty America VR Office Fantasy POV

Naughty America VR: Big Tits Office With Kayla Kayden


You caught your employee Kayla Kayden making personal calls during work hours, and now you’re wondering what to do with her.

Which is great, because ever since hiring the hot busty blonde, you’ve known exactly what you want to do with her!

So, throw on your VR headset and prepare to show her who’s boss!

Lucky for you, Kayla‘s horny as hell and always had her eye on you, and she’s the one telling you that she should be punished with your dick!

Whew, now that that’s covered, Kayla‘s ready for your hard cock in her mouth and between her big boobs, and that’s just to start.

Her constant reference to you as “Bossman” only further encourages you to bend her over and plunge ball-deep into her pussy, which you delightfully do.

VR sex with a naughty employee…who doesn’t want to the the boss?!?

Be in charge with Naughty America VR!

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BaDoinkVR Office Fantasy POV

BaDoinkVR: Intercourse Recourse

You’ve been Bridgette B‘s PA for a few months and you’ve been doing okay, until now.

As it turns out, the IT guys monitor internet activity pretty closely.

This morning you got an email with the subject line “Internet usage and misconduct,” you knew you were fucked, all that in-office porn is back to bite you in the ass.

Bridgette has summoned you in for a meeting in her office.

As you sit nervously, she shows you your shameful browser history and reads out your search terms but you begin to realize she’s getting a little turned on.

Pacing around in her tight pantsuit, she’s ready to lay down seven shades of discipline on you.

It’s just a good thing that her idea of discipline is blowing you in her office and riding your dick until you cum all over her.

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BaDoinkVR Office Fantasy POV

BaDoinkVR: Another Lay At The Office

Your company has really taken off in the past few months so you decided to lease a newer and bigger office space and your girl Steph asked to come with you to check out the new digs.

Being the supportive slut that she is, Steph suggests christening the office before the movers come by with the rest of the furniture.

Day one at the new office and you’re already breaking the rules, but with Stephanie‘s natural big tits in your face, how could you say no?

She wants to drain your balls and you don’t have much time.

Better get down to business.

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18VR Office Fantasy POV

18VR: Burning The Midnight Oil

Business has been slow at your fashion start-up so you’re working late to try to generate more leads.

You are missing a client file but luckily, office secretary, Vany Ully volunteers to help you out.

The office is empty now, and there’s an atmosphere.

When she is up the step ladder, her short skirt and set of long legs are just too much to handle.

Out of animal instinct, you reach out and grab that plump ass.

It’s on.

Vany wraps her lips around your dick and slides you inside her.

Her asshole is tighter than your Q4 budget, so make the most of today, because your company is probably going to go bankrupt if you don’t start doing some real work.

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Office Fantasy POV VR Bangers

VR Bangers: ASSistant With Benefits

As your business grows, employing an assistant can turn out to be the best decision in your life.

Familiar entrepreneur recommended you that it is worth hiring an Asian, because such girls usually work really hard and are well brought up, so you can be sure that all your guests will be greeted with due respect and in accordance with the prevailing Savoir-vivre.

However, when you were hiring a new assistant, you did not know that your newest worker, Natsuki Hasegawa, is also a VR Porn star and that getting her to work is associated with some… additional benefits.

Natsuki, as befits a good secretary, comes to work punctually and cares about your interests.

You have noticed that the girl dresses quite defiantly, but stockings and tight skirts are still office clothes, and the girl looks very elegantly in them, so you have nothing to complain about.

With each subsequent day, however, it is getting harder and harder to endure her presence, because you can rarely see such a sexy Asian and it’s hard to focus on the work and turn your eyes away from her.

When one day your pen fell on the floor and a sweet Japanese girl bends down to pick it up, while exposing her lace panties in front of you, you can’t get hold of yourself and grab her ass.

However, instead of a mobbing claim, the girls reaction ended up to be completely different, as it turned out that she also couldn’t wait for her boss to do the first step towards her.

Natsuki kneels in front of you and starts giving you head when you wove your fingers in her platinum hair.

What other services can you count on from this sexy assistant?

Are Asian pussies really so tight?

Watch the latest Virtual Reality Porn movie from VR Bangers and see for yourself!

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BaDoinkVR Office Fantasy POV

BaDoinkVR: Down To Business

It’s a merger.

Your company has been bought out by a much bigger, and let’s face it, better firm.

Brace yourself for an office politics shit storm.

Two days ago, you were king of the castle – VP of public relations.

Now that Astrid Star is here, you have to work together and it’ll be more difficult to hide the fact that you don’t actually do anything in the office.

The CEO has demanded that all departments get together to discuss strategic differences after you brutally shot down Astrid‘s campaign idea at a client meeting.

Lucky for you Astrid is a huge slut and her idea of “team building” is working together to empty the contents of your balls into her mouth.

This might not be such a bad partnership after all.

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