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Reality Lovers: Latex Android

Miky Love is your personal Latex Android.

Her outfit perfectly snug to her slender body, she is here to fulfill your every whim.

And there is no question that we are talking sex here.

Being efficient in her purpose to please you, she wastes no time, immediately throws you down on the bed, pulling off your trousers and whipping out your cock.

Her hungry lips envelop your head, surprisingly gently kissing and caressing it, her tongue travelling the whole length of your shaft.

Next, she straddles you as you lay on your back, facing you in the cowgirl position.

She reaches down to her crotch to unzip the opening in her latex suit, firmly grasping your fully erect member and guides it inside her confines.

Then, she reverses on you and does a couple of quick squats, moving up and down with robotic precision, fully aware of the gusts of pleasure she is causing to explode in your brain.

Then she pulls out her robotic pleasure stick – a massive orange dildo and inserts it deep inside of her, while giving you a piercing look, asking for your approval.

She is primed and ready for a good spin on the mattress, her insatiable appetite begging for your hot load.

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POV Reality Lovers Voyeur

Reality Lovers: Rest Area Sex

Shona River is an impatient passenger – at least when it comes to satiating her sexual appetite.

Every couple of miles or so, she makes irresistible puppy eyes at her man at the wheel.

He knows that what she needs is yet another Rest Area Sex.

Many would think that he is lucky to have such a sex-crazed kitten in his lovemobile, but he did not know exactly what he was getting into.

Turns out he was enjoying every single stop along the way from one ecstasy to another, to still another.

There were even times when Shona would not even wait for the car to pull over, although there are strict rules against sexing and driving… or blowjobs and driving for that matter.

The times they did manage to pull over to a road shoulder or a rest area, there was anything but rest to be had.

They did it reverse cowgirl style in the car trunk, propped with her back against the side of the car, right on the blacktop, doggy style with her holding on to rear door handle.

Once she got what she needed, she was good for another couple of miles…

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Reality Lovers: Nymphomanta’s Catch

Cherry needs to take a load off, so she calls her soulmate Nymphomanta.

But knowing her friend, she has a hunch that her call just may not get through.

Nymphomanta, staying true to her reputation, is busy doing what she finds irresistible at the moment – her next catch.

Being the good friend that she is, after she finishes with him, she calls back, but soon thereafter, she drops off the line again…

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Reality Lovers: Pool Of Love

Wherever she goes, Vicky Love is creating her own waves in her own pools of love.

Sitting at the edge of pool gets her extremely horny.

She can’t help herself but to slide her hand down her swimsuit to touch herself, yearning to release her pent-up sexual energy.

It gets her juices flowing and now she longingly remembers the pleasure of being with a man – both of them submerged in the pool of ecstasy.

As he appears out of nowhere, she is ready to pleasure him, taking his thick member gently in her mouth and blowing him hard.

She likes to see him sigh as she envelops her mouth around his pride and gently moves them up and down until he almost can’t take it anymore.

Next, there is more sucking and stroking action at the pool side, before they switch positions.

Now she is sitting at the edge of the pool again, her legs spread before him and he is hungrily licking at her glistening pussy, his member fully erect in sweet anticipation.

They are both oozing raw sexual energy, him fully succumbing to her spell – as they become one in the pool of love.

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POV Reality Lovers Voyeur

Reality Lovers: Smokado

Ninel Mojado is big on all guilty pleasures.

You name it, she does it.

She especially loves to smoke … and give blowjobs.

She is a passionate gambler, hanging around gambling parlors around town.

But there is one thing she loves more than all the others combined – getting drilled hard before she gambles, preferably on her favorite card table.

She absolutely has to have her dose of sex before each and every poker game to get the juices flowing.

On the table, she can finally show off her various levels of spread games.

Ninel especially likes it from behind, but being the all-around player, she also enjoys the cowgirl position, because it reminds her of horse races.

When giving blowjobs, she has been known to put on quite a show, first blowing smoke onto the objects of her desire, creating her own signature style and driving men engaged to the game of chance absolutely insane.

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Group Sex Fantasy POV Reality Lovers Voyeur

Reality Lovers: Summer Party Extravaganza

Amirah Adara, Stefanie Moon and Anissa Jolie are BFF – not only for this summer.

In Summer Party Extravaganza, they love each others’ company, but above all they can’t get enough poolside sun and fun.

Turns out that their fondness for each other is not just a figure of speech – they like to show it too!

First, they start frolicking and gingerly kissing each other.

Only moments later do they notice an Alpha male appear at the poolside.

That’s where they all go off the deep end.

One-by-one, they eagerly flock to him, taking his thick member in their mouths, blowing him hard.

Next, some good old titty fucking is in store, followed by each girl being drilled hard, with the onlooking ones assisting in this labor of pure lust and pleasure.

As they wait their turn, they go down on each other.

He is thorough and in control of this pool orgy, satisfying each of them – if not by deep penetration, then by skillfully using his tongue.

They go through numerous formations to squeeze the greatest amount of pleasure from their chance encounter.

Each sex-craved participant gives it 100%, making this pool party one to remember.

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POV Reality Lovers

Reality Lovers: Analda’s Squeeze

Analda just can’t wait to track the progress she is making in her relationship with Brad.

She is carefully planning out her next move, knowing full well that men are pigs.

She confides in Nymphomanta about her intentions with Brad and both girls come to the conclusion that men can’t be trusted.

Nevertheless, she partially opens her heart and the bedroom door to him.

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Reality Lovers

Reality Lovers: The Caravan

Rossella Visconti is excited about what was to become an unforgettable date in the Caravan.

She just loves the freedom RVs provide and the opportunities for wild unadulterated sex when no-one is around.

As they pull into their destination, her dirty mind can hardly focus on recreation.

Pretending to be interested in the surrounding nature as they disembark, she pulls her man right back inside for some impatient sex.

He obliges her, rolling up her skirt and penetrating her on the small kitchenette sink, thrusting repeatedly deep inside her.

Next, he takes her on the swivel chair – from behind as she squeals with pleasure.

So much for peaceful recreation…

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Reality Lovers: Unforgettable Date

All Victoria Pure want is just one Unforgettable Date.

She cannot resist Antonio Black from the very first time she laid her eyes on him.

Now all she can think of is how to get herself laid with this hunk.

Even before the formal part of the date is over and he pays the bill, she cannot wait to show him her love nest.

She hastily closes the door, and she is all over him.

First, she hungrily unbuttons his fly, pulling out his huge pride.

From the kitchen, the sex feast moves swiftly to the love seat, where Antonio repays the favour by going down on Victoria – and going down hard.

For the grand finale, he endlessly thrusts deep inside her, first from the missionary position, then switching to doggy style action, taking her to ecstasy.

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POV Reality Lovers

Reality Lovers: Wake Up

In Wake Up, Julia Parker is sound asleep.

She is dreaming a sweet dream involving a romantic fantasy she has entertained with a close friend.

In it, feels a light tingling in her loins, which leaves her a bit uneasy at first.

But it sure feels nice. Is this a dream? Is it reality?

As she wakes up to the source of the pleasuring, it turns out it’s who she hoped it would be … She awakes to the promise of long-awaited sexual gratification.

She returns the favor by gently taking his manhood in her hands and stroking it in sync with his movements bestowed upon her.

Next, she proceeds to take him between her sultry lips.

He goes down on her, not to be upstaged by her intense show of affection.

Then he penetrates her vigorously from the missionary position.

There is no snoozing this wake-up call.

Next she climbs on top, straddling him, and rides both of them to ecstasy.

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