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VRCosplayX: The Little Mermaid A XXX Parody

Being a mermaid ain’t always what it’s cracked up to be.

Sure, Ariel can swim at breakneck speeds, access the freshest sushi buffet in the world, and explore coral reefs, but when she gets horny her lack of spreadable legs become a problem.

That’s why she made another dirty deal with that greasy sea witch, Ursula.

Now Ariel can transform back to a human at her every whim, all she has to do is suck a dick and BAM – legs back.

So go ahead and give this redheaded spermaid a reason to stay out of the water and fuck her like she’s never been fucked before.

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VRCosplayX: WOW: Jaina Proudmoore A XXX Parody

It’s not easy getting an apprenticeship under the most powerful human sorceress of all time, Jaina Proudemoore, but you’ve managed to do it.

Jaina is strict though, and when she catches you without your armor during a time of war, she reminds you that there’s a whole dark and evil world out there and death can come at any time (RIP Arthas).

The two of you must train hard, but how are you expected to train together if you don’t trust each other?

Go ahead and pull that busty sorceress close to you and let her titty fuck and ride you until you both cum together.

If you’re going to fight in the battle of Azeroth, you might as well do so with fond memories of being balls deep in the hottest Mage in all the kingdoms.

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VRCosplayX: Mortal Kombat: Sonya A XXX Parody

Sonya takes her job seriously, Cage.

She’s got assignments coming in on a daily basis and she constantly risks her life keeping the world safe, often with little to no thanks.

Obviously, with a job like that, Sonya is a tomcat in the sack, but she’s basically married to her work which is a damn shame because that ever-wet pussy of hers needs filling.

After the 4th time getting cockblocked by her needy commander, you decide to take a stand.

The Black Dragon gang can wait until tomorrow, but for now, it’s time to fuck this blonde stunner until neither of you can take it anymore, let her finish you, Cage.

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VRCosplayX: Black Canary A XXX Parody

It’s not always easy dating Black Canary is it, Green Arrow?

Paranoia is starting to get the best of her.

You’ve been bustin’ heads all night but when you arrive back home, Black Canary’s waiting for you and she’s convinced you’ve been fucking around.

With no time for reason, she knocks you out with her shrill sonic scream and you wake up tied up on her bed.

She quickly goes through your phone and realizes that she was out of order and she wants to make it up to you by giving you the best makeup sex ever.

Let this busty blonde suck and fuck her way back into her good books.

She may be a little nuts but there’s nothing better than blasting a load all over her massive tits, so go ahead and make it right.

Also, give yourself a pat on the back for deleting those texts from Marianne.

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VRCosplayX: Doki Doki A XXX Parody

Something strange has been happening in the Doki Doki Literature Club.

Those girls have some serious jealousy issues because seemingly every couple of days one disappears, only to reappear later with a totally different personality.

You had some issues with Monika going a bit nuts, manipulating and expelling the other girls, so you decided to get everyone together and start again fresh.

Monika has been brought back down to earth, but now that bitch Sayori is out to sabotage your relationship.

Monika could disappear at any moment or worse, turn into a sadistic bitch again, so make the most of what time you’ve got and fuck her in each and every one of her holes.

Then maybe cut your losses and find a new club to join, this one is fucked.

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VRCosplayX: Yuna A XXX Parody

Yuna misses you, Tidus.

Now that you’re gone, she’s doing her best to live her life to the fullest and enjoy new experiences.

In fact, just the other day she found herself in the hot spa with Rikku and Paine and, well, things got a little hot and heavy and the three of them ended up fucking right there on the sacred ground.

Now burdened with guilt, Yuna dreams of being reunited with you.

She confesses that she’s looked for love elsewhere, but that doesn’t bother you, you’re too focused on the thought of her face doused in your cum.

This tiny aeon summoner is wet and ready to fuck to make up things right.

It might only be a dream, but you’re living it.

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VRCosplayX: Oya A XXX Parody

Saying that Oya has been a difficult pupil this semester would be putting it lightly.

She’s set off the fire alarms and sprinklers so many times that you’ve had to remove the smoke detectors from your class and the fire marshall won’t be pleased about that.

You’ll have the mutant superintendent on your ass in no time.

There’s something about this girl though.

She’s incredibly beautiful and she truly does mean well and today, she wants to thank you for your patience.

So forget about that teacher’s conference this afternoon because while Prof. X is going over new rules and regulations, you’ll have your nuts in the guts of the hottest mutant around.

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VRCosplayX: Tinker Bell A XXX Parody

Life on a pirate ship isn’t all cut out to be, is it Hook?

Smee is an incompetent asshole and quite frankly, you’re sick of his shit, but sometimes the ship gets a little lonely.

Lucky for you, you’ve managed to capture Tinkerbell using an elaborate trap.

After sprinkling a bit of magic powder on her, she grows up to be human-sized.

Needless to say, she’s pretty sore about the way you treated her and when you pitch the idea of a fairy-dust-fueled fuck sesh, she’s a little hesitant.

But the more she thinks about it, the wetter she gets.

That little bitch Peter Pan is nowhere in sight, so ahead and run one through Tink before Pan gets word of what’s going on here.

You’ve always wanted this, and you know what they say around here “dreams come true if only we wish hard enough.”

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VRCosplayX: Nubia A XXX Parody

You got word that a stash of gold has been hidden in a loft in the center of the city.

According to your intel, the facility is largely unguarded, so that gold is as good as yours.

As you’re searching for the goods, you hear a commotion and your accomplice is suddenly hurled across the room.

It’s at this point, that you realize you’re totally fucked.

Before you know it, Nubia has you wrapped in her lasso of truth.

You tell her everything and more and she tells you that you’ll be turned over to the police.

You can’t fight your way out of this one, but you might be able to fuck your way out.

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VRCosplayX: Fortnite A XXX Parody

Susy Gala has been making her way through Tilted Towers, blasting everyone in sight.

You first see her after she’s made a fresh kill.

She’d already looted the guy – poor fucker had nothin’ on him but a shotgun and a slurp juice, and she proceeds to rub it in with a sexy dance on top of his corpse.

You’ve got this sexy bitch right where you want her, but right as you’re about to pull the trigger, she tempts you with an offer: spare her life and she’ll give you sexual favors and guarantee you safe passage to the end game.

You’re breaking so many rules, but who cares when this juicy Spanish ass bouncing on your cock?

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