DarkRoomVR: The Tenant

Sybil A has been keeping a huge secret. For more than a year she has lived in an apartment owned by a handsome man who is friends with her father. A man she has had a huge crush on. During that year, Sybil has kept her feelings a secret, despite countless hours masturbating to VR Porn and fantasies of the handsome older man having his way with her. On her last day, with her bags packed she decided that she had absolutely nothing to lose by trying to make her naughty desires a reality. When he showed up to pick up the keys, he found Sybil in a tight black dress and heels. She looks like a hot model from VR porn movies. She set the keys on the table and posed seductively, hoping he would get the message. He does and is happy to make her parting fantasy come true. Ordering her to her knees, he stands over her with his cock in his hand while she wraps her lips around it and starts sucking. He loves the feel of his friend’s daughter’s mouth on his cock, but wants more. Bending her over, he thrusts his cock into her pussy while using her panties as a gag to quiet her emphatic cries of orgasmic ecstasy. His dick is even better than she imagined and she loves the way it fills her while she rides him. The way he looks at her makes her want to fuck him harder. His desire for her is intoxicating and she can feel him throbbing even bigger inside of her. She can’t have his load inside her pussy so she gets on her knees and begs him to shoot onto her pretty face. He is happy to oblige and covers her pretty smile, leaving Sybil with a parting memory she will never forget.

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