VirtualTaboo: Bed Game

Geisha Kyd and her stepbrother both have to live with their overbearing parents who won’t let them do anything outside of the house. That has hurt their social lives and all but killed anything resembling a sex life for both of them. While you spend your time watching lots of VR Porn, Geisha has figured out a way to combine her favourite dildo with one of your power tools. It works and satisfies her needs for a while, but eventually, she needs more than just toys to get her off. When she is just too horny to hold back, Geisha gets naked and invites you into her bedroom where you find her playing with the X-rated power tool. She tells you that she really needs a real cock and that her mind is set on yours. When you hesitate, she turns on the toy and slips it into her mouth to get it nice and wet. Opening her thighs, she works it into her pussy and turns it all the way up. The whirring of the motor can’t drown out her moans as she does her best to tease and tempt her skeptical stepbrother. You can’t hide your growing boner and when she encourages you to take it out, you join her in some VR self-pleasure. Now that she has an audience, Geisha rushes towards a climax, watching you stroke your cock and give in to your forbidden desires for your sexy stepsister. She begs you to fuck her and watches you shoot a huge load all over her bed. That pushes her over the edge as well. Now she has you right where she wants you and next time, that will be inside her slutty holes.

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