VirtualTaboo: Warm Hearted Siberia

Sia Siberia has been living with her mom and new stepdad for a few months while she saves up money for a semester overseas. She has noticed him sneaking peeks at her when he thinks she isn’t looking. Surprised to find that his not-so-secret lust actually turns her on, Sia has tried satisfying her own forbidden urges by masturbating to VR Porn whenever she can, but it just isn’t cutting it any longer. While planning a sexy weekend with her boyfriend, Sia tries on some new lingerie. She likes the way she looks and decides to get playful with her stepfather. Coming out of her room in the tiny negligee, she struts in front of you until you can’t help but notice. She smiles as you stand with your mouth open. That is all she needs to see to know how much you enjoy looking at her. In this VR porn video, Sia sits at the bar and asks you if you think her boyfriend will like the outfit. If it will turn you on and if it makes her look good enough to fuck. You try to avoid the question, but the obvious bulge in your pants tells her all she needs to know. Now that she has your attention, she wants to go further and tells you she will take off the bra and panties if you show her what you are hiding behind your zipper. You know you shouldn’t, but the chance to see your beautiful stepdaughter naked is just too much to resist. You stroke yourself while looking at her naked body and Sia can’t help herself. She slides her fingers into her pussy and begs you to cum along with her. You can’t hold out for long, climaxing within moments of each other and then staring awkwardly wondering if you will be able to resist going further next time.

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