DarkRoomVR: Daddy’s Good Girl

Things have been very tense for Nikki Hill and her family recently. Her parents won’t tell her what is wrong, but she can tell that it has something to do with her father’s work in a big VR porn company and that it is quite serious. One night when her parents are away, her father’s boss stops by the house to see him. She lets him in and offers to keep him company while they wait for her father to return. Nikki can feel his eyes running over her young body and can sense his desire. This may be the only chance she has to save her father’s job and her family’s financial security. She immediately lets him know what is on her mind by dropping her top and exposing herself to the older man. He is happy to accept her submission and tells her that it will indeed help her father’s position in the company. That is all Nikki needs to hear and she happily slides his long hard cock into her mouth. She greedily sucks his meat like a professional VR porn model. He fucks her hard from behind while she begs him to use her for his pleasure. Taking full advantage of her overwhelming willingness to serve him, he fills her with every inch of throbbing hard dick he’s got. She rides his big pole until she cums all over him. Following his directions, she gets on her knees and lets him cum all over her pretty face. Looking up at him, she smiles when he tells her that her father’s job is safe so long as she keeps taking care of him this way.

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