VirtualTaboo: Be My Creamy Valentine

With Valentine’s Day approaching, Atlantis Deep finds herself in a difficult situation. While all of her friends are preparing for romantic and sexy dates with their boyfriends, she has no one. That isn’t technically true. She has someone she feels very strongly for and wants badly to fuck, but she can’t. The object of her affection and unbridled lust is her stepbrother and she has never dared tell him how she feels. Desperate to finally tell him, she plans a very special Valentine’s Day celebration. When you arrive home, you find Atlantis waiting with balloons, a teddy bear and wearing a cute little outfit with big hearts all over it and her even bigger tits popping out. You got the message right away and was quick to admit that you shared your sexy stepsister’s amorous feelings. Thrilled by the developments, she bounces right out of her top and is pleased to see the growing bulge in your pants. Getting on her knees she wants to show you just how much she wants to taste that big fat dick. Looking down at the smiling face of your sexy stepsister is better than anything you ever dreamed of when you were locked in your room watching taboo porn on your VR Headset. She strips out of her sexy outfit and bends over, begging you to put your dick inside. Your thrusts are everything she dreamed they would be and so much better than any boy she has ever dated. Being your slut makes her cum hard and the taste of her juices on her stepbrother’s cock is intoxicating. You are having so much fun that she doesn’t even notice when you go over the edge and floods her pussy with your cum. No matter, she wants you to fuck her daily anyway.