VirtualTaboo: I Want To Be Your Bad Girl

After a messy break-up, Mina Von D is having some serious self-esteem issues. She gets some crazy news from her best friend. Apparently, Mina’s stepbrother has been hiding a huge crush on her for some time. Could it be true? They grew up together and he has become quite the handsome hunk on campus. If he likes her, then she has nothing to worry about. He’s hot, popular and shouldn’t even be looking at her. Deciding that she had to take a chance and find out for sure, Mina put on some sexy dress and waited for you to come home. As soon as you walked through the door, you stopped and stared. In this tight dress, she looks like a real VR porn model. Taking your silent, open-mouthed gaze as a good sign, Mina asked you about the rumors she has heard. You can’t deny your feelings and that is all she needs to hear. In this VR porn video, she offers to show you more if you want to see. You do of course and get a long look at her perky tits when she removes her dress. If you want to see more, you are going to have to take your pants off and show her just how much your big cock wants her. You can’t get your pants off quickly enough when she offers to let you watch her play with herself so long as you do the same. The stories she heard were true. You do think she is pretty. You have thought about fucking her and now she can see just how much you want her by the way you pump your fat prick while she gets off. Fuck her ex, Mina has the only dick she needs right at home.

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