VirtualTaboo: I’ve Got Something For You

Atlantis Deep is one of the most popular girls at her college. She goes to all the best parties and dates some of the most sought after men on campus. Her life couldn’t be any more different than that of her stepbrother. They grew up together and while Atlantis is confident and social, her stepbrother is shy and awkward. After hearing that her stepbrother had no date for Valentine’s Day, Atlantis decided she had to do something. She knows that he will be home alone, watching taboo porn on his VR Headset so she plans something special. After her own date is finished, she gets into some cute Valentine’s Day pajamas and calls you into her room. You see her in her cute outfit holding a present for you, but turns around to show you your real gift. The back of her pajamas is cut out, leaving her juicy round ass on display for your lusty gaze. Not waiting for you to object, she unzips the outfit and lets her huge tits pop out. The expression on your face is a good clue, but the boner in your pants tells Atlantis just how much you enjoy your present. You have the hottest girl on campus naked in front of you and stepsister or not, you are enjoying the view. Exposing more of her gorgeous body, she asks you to take your cock out and stroke it to show her how much you like her. It is bigger than she expected and starts pumping furiously. Atlantis is surprised at how much it turns her on to see you jerking it for her. She starts fingering herself, feeling her pussy pulse as he pumps a big load of cum at her naked body. Will she be able to resist sucking you next time?

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