VirtualTaboo: Maria Against Wars

After a long day of shopping, Maria calls her boyfriend and asks him to work out with her. He is too busy playing VR games, though she thinks he is probably busy watching VR Porn instead. She is disappointed, especially since she looks hot in her new outfit and is totally horny today. Turning her attention to another guy who might want a look at her hot body in her workout clothes, her stepbrother. She calls you into the room and asks what you think of her new outfit. Yo try to blow her off, but she turns around and sticks out her ass. She really wants to know what you think of how her ass looks in the tight shorts. Unable to look away, you are caught when she sees you touching your cock through your pants. That’s all Maria needs to see to know that she just has to take things a step further. Since she can see your bulge, she pulls her shorts up tight to create a camel toe for your viewing pleasure. She tells you that she doesn’t mind getting naked, but only if you do so as well. Once you are both naked, she sees no reason why you shouldn’t pleasure yourself. Throwing her feet in the air, Maria slides her fingers into her pussy while watching you pump your long cock in your hand. Seeing how turned on you are makes her completely forget about her boyfriend. She sees you blow your load and then closes her eyes, cumming as she imagines how it feels to let you fuck her next time.

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