VirtualTaboo: Would You Fuck Me?

May Thai and her stepbrother have always been close. Throughout their years as a family, there has been only one rule. No dating or fucking the other’s friends. May is very worried as she gets ready for her date because tonight she is going to break that rule. Her date is her stepbrother’s best friend and though he gave them his blessing, she still gets a feeling that he might not be OK with it. On the evening of the date, May decides to get her stepbrother’s opinion on her. In this VR porn video, you just stare at her for a moment, looking her up and down. She smiles when she sees the growing bulge in your pants. Seeing how much you like her in the dress tells her just how hot you think she is. May enjoys seeing how uncomfortable you feel and tells you that she will happily cancel her date with her friend on one condition. She is horny and needs to get off. If you are willing to help, she won’t go through with the date. You are unsure of her intentions until she slips out of her dress and starts to touch herself like a model from your favourite VR porn videos. It’s simple. If you both get off before her date shows up, she will cancel. Taking out your cock, you start to stroke it for her as her fingers get wet between her warm, inviting lips. You know you shouldn’t, but as you get close she promises to let you fuck her if you will just cum with her first. This pushes you over and you both climax at the same time. Bad news for her date, but good news for their future happiness.

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