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Freya Mayer was already disappointed by her summer plans. After a hard first year at college, most of her friends were going to spend the summer travelling, seeing the world and doing exciting things. Not Freya Mayer VR. Unlike most of her friend’s mothers, Freya’s did not pick a wealthy second husband. Instead of a rich stepfather, Freya had a handsome one instead. So instead of a trip to the Greek Islands, Freya has to settle for three months at home and a modest new wardrobe for the season. Not about to let her mother’s choice in husbands ruin her whole summer, Freya puts on her cutest dress and decides to see how her stepfather likes it. In this VR porn video, you try not to stare at her when she shows you how short it is and keeps asking for your honest opinion. Freya gets the answer she hopes for when you tell her she looks pretty and then cover your lap to hide your excitement and the forbidden boner she is giving you. Seeing how much you want her, she makes your intentions very clear by lifting her dress to show you she isn’t wearing any panties. You try to dismiss her by telling her that they shouldn’t be doing this, but she just keeps showing you more and more. If you want her to keep going, you have to take out your cock. Freya is immediately impressed. Her mother may not have picked a wealthy new husband, but you make up for it in other areas. She encourages you to stroke your long prick while she gets naked and plays with herself. Watching your cock throb in your hand sends her over the edge and as you cum with her, Freya knows that her stepfather is going to make her summer one to remember.

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