DarkRoomVR: Are You Sure You’re Pregnant?

Marie Berger VR is having a rough time financially. She is supporting a deadbeat boyfriend who does nothing but drains her bank account. On his advice, she decides to get some money from her wealthy boss. His plan is to have Marie fuck her boss and then fake a pregnancy to get a big payday from him. Seducing him was easy and fucking him was actually kind of fun. Marie immediately quit her job and disappeared for a while until it was time to reappear and blackmail her boss with the fake pregnancy. He is shocked and listens to her demands. If he wants her to keep quiet, he needs to pay her a huge sum of money. Suspecting something might be up, he insists on feeling her baby bump. Marie tries to get away, but her story unravels the second he puts his hand on her belly and discovers the pillow tucked into her dress. Her secret is out and now he is going to show her what happens to people who try to screw him over. In this VR porn scene, Marie gets on her knees and chokes on his cock while he lets her know that he has big plans for her when she comes back to work for him. Since she seemed to like fucking him all those months ago, he bends her over and drills her until she screams out for more. He was planning to pull out, but since she was so intent on pretending to be pregnant, he decides to shoot his big load deep inside of her. Maybe if she isn’t knocked up, she can have her old job back.

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