DarkRoomVR: You Better Suck Me Dry

Holly Molly works as a personal assistant for a great VR company with amazing benefits. Her boss is known as a very strict person. He rarely speaks to her and has a cold glare that sends shivers down her spine. Holly dutifully executes her daily duties with professionalism, but her mind is filled with filthy thoughts as she watches him control the office. In this VR porn video, Holly makes a mistake that screws up a big account. She has to meet her boss and explain everything. However, her boss has already planned a special punishment for Holly. If she does everything he commands and he is satisfied, she will be forgiven for her mistake. Not wanting to lose her job, she obeys his orders and strips down to the sexy outfit she wore just for him. Holly happily takes his big cock between her lips and down her throat. She hears him give her orders, telling her how to give him head and making sure to remind her that he is in charge and what is at stake. He throws her on the office table and fucks her pussy hard and fast until she is on the verge of cumming. Then he orders her to get on top and ride him until she gets herself off. After riding herself to a massive climax, Holly is ordered to lick his cock clean and then eat a big load from his balls. Her job is safe by now.

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