VirtualTaboo: Doctor Knows Best

Eliza Eves has a thriving VR social media following. She loves sharing her life with her legions of fans and especially loves the way the guys flood her timeline with praise when she posts sexy pics in skimpy outfits. Trying on a new one, she takes a few shots of her big juicy ass hanging out of tight shorts. As much as she enjoys posing, Eliza just doesn’t feel well. She calls her best friend to tell her about her symptoms. Her friend tells her about a handsome doctor she knows who just happens to make house calls. As soon as the young blonde takes one look at the doctor she knows what she needs to make her feel better. She can see you staring at her and watches your pants get tighter when she sticks her tongue out so you can check out her throat. Eliza is excited when you suggest she strip down so you can give her a more thorough exam. Your hands on her firm tits already have the precocious blonde feeling better, but to really heal what ails her, you prescribe eight inches of dick. Eliza takes it orally with pleasure but knows an even better place for your stiff pole. Her tight pussy opens right up for you and she is only upset that she doesn’t have her camera to share the moment with her followers. Instead, Eliza enjoys the moment, riding your dick like a real VR porn model from taboo movies she saw before. You hold out as long as you can before emptying your balls all over her hungry mouth. She feels better, but knows she will be calling you over for special medicine again really soon.

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