VirtualTaboo: Mommy Wants It Big

Dominno has a bit of a shopping addiction. She is always ordering things online and her stepson is tired of opening the door to the endless parade of packages. You decide to open her newest delivery and are shocked to find the box filled with massive dildos. Stunned, you are still looking at the huge toys when Dominno comes into the room and catches you going through her things. She is livid over the violation of her privacy. You stare at her while she yells at you, remembering all the times you jerked off to VR Taboo Porn thinking about your sexy stepmother. She takes the box from you and then blows your’s mind by explaining that she needs the big toys because she is a size queen and your father is the owner of a tiny little micro dick. Dominno can see a bulge in your pants. Hearing her talk about loving big cocks is making yours grow and it’s a lot bigger than your father’s pathetic pecker. She decides to tease you by slipping a toy between her big tits and then promises not to tell your father about the boner in your pants if you let her suck it. Pleased by the size, she gets it wet with her mouth before letting you fuck her giant tits. Real cock is so much better than a toy and your big dong slips right into her wet pussy. It has been too long since she has felt such an impressive dick that she cums almost immediately. Not wanting to let a good load go to waste, she sucks on your cock until you explode all over her face. Dominno has found a new way to satisfy her lust for size and this one won’t cost nearly as much in delivery charges.

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