DarkRoomVR: Double Vaccination

Matty’s stepbrother has always been a troublemaker. No matter where he goes, bad things just seem to follow. When she comes home one day with a vaccine bottle filled with a liquid designed to “increase brain activity” Matty instantly wonders where he got it and what trouble might be following. Moments later a masked man bursts through the door demanding the bottle. Sure enough, her stepbrother stole it from the lab where he was working. Worried about what the man might do, she tries to hide the bottle under skirt. This trick she saw in some VR porn video. It’s a terrible hiding place, but she is hoping that he will be distracted by her body and maybe not do anything bad to them. Seeing how cute she is, the stranger can’t help but get a boner. In this VR porn scene, Matty grabs his dick and pops it into her mouth. Her stepbrother is confused, but also gets hard so she reaches out for his meat as well. Matty has always wanted a threesome and this is the perfect opportunity to just go for it. Before either of them can protest, she works her pretty face back and forth between their dicks until all they can think about is how much pleasure her tongue and lips are giving them. They both forget their hesitations as she bends over lets them fuck her wet mouth and tight pussy. Matty never knew her stepbrother had such a big dick and she never imagined that two cocks at once could feel so good. The stranger fucks her hard before he puts her on her knees and shoots his load on her face. Her stepbrother follows suit. She doesn’t care what is in the bottle, she just wants what is in their balls, all day, every day

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