DarkRoomVR: The Therapy

College has been a rough adjustment for shy Simona Purr. Her first year on campus has been plagued by a constant barrage of bullying from girls in her classes. Girls with more money, better clothes and handsome boyfriends. Poor Simona is painfully shy and just wants to get an education, but can’t seem to make it through a single week without being severely picked on. Finally seeking help, she goes to see the college psychologist hoping he can give her some good advice for avoiding the bullies. He can tell right away that she is just too shy, making herself an easy victim. Showing her what can happen if she doesn’t stand up for herself, he commands her to get on her knees and let him explore her body with his hands. In this VR porn video, she stays docile and obedient as he sticks his cock in her mouth. Simona has never seen a dick so big and likes the way he feels as it hits the back of her throat. Next, he orders her out of her clothes and onto his couch where he fills her from behind. She has never felt anyone so hard inside of her pussy and his deep strokes make her wet pussy quiver and her body tremble. His big dick and skilled, powerful lovemaking have her cumming uncontrollably. She barely had time to recover before he told her to suck his cock until he exploded a huge load in her mouth. Simona has never tasted jizz before but happily agrees when he tells her to come back for another appointment next week.

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