Virtual Real Passion: Easter Weekend

For the Easter Weekend, you decide to have a trip with your man, Don Diego. You feel a bit naughty and horny as soon as the two of you arrive in your room. Not able to control yourself any longer, you give Don Diego a strap-on. The handsome lad is quite baffled by the sudden gift, but he knows exactly what you want. The two of you are out of your clothes in no time. Don Diego then proceeds to give you a titillating pussy licking. After making sure that your pearl is wet and ready, Don Diego makes love with you in the spoon and missionary. To spice things up, Don Diego lets you use the dildo on him. He can’t help but moan as you peg him in the cowboy and missionary. Don Diego jerks off his rod while you slide the sex toy in and out of his behind until he cums.

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