VirtualTaboo: I’m Your Playmate

Pretty coed Clara Mia has never had any trouble finding guys to date. She is good looking and has a reputation at her college for loving sex. Still, she is feeling a little bored and a lot horny just hanging out at home. She could easily call up one of her regular fuckboys or hit a VR porn dating app for a quick hookup, but today she has something different in mind. Today she wants to get some dick without leaving the house. Slipping into a pair of fishnet stockings she marches into her stepbrother’s room. As she expected, he has his VR headset on, probably watching taboo porn. You try to hide what you are doing, but she flops down on your bed and wiggles her exposed ass. She tells you that she knows you masturbate in here thinking about her and if you will just admit it, she is willing to let you do it with her right in the same room. Before you can even think, she spreads her legs and sticks her feet in your face. You aren’t about to say no to such a fantastic opportunity and pull your hard dick out of your pants. Impressed by what she sees, Clara instructs you to pump while she plays with herself. She is as pretty as any of the girls you get off to with your VR headset and she can see the desire in every throb of your cock. Sliding her fingers inside she starts to moan along with you, begging to see you shoot your load. It is every bit as hot as she hoped and her fingers push her over the edge. You loved the show, but ask if you can fuck next time.

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