VirtualTaboo: Sweeter Than Candy

Elena Vedem has her best friend Mina Moreno staying at her house for a sleepover. They watch VR taboo movies, talk about the boys they like at their college and break out some sugary sweet treats. The long strands of candy stretch between their mouths as they playfully eat, getting closer and closer to one another. When their lips touch, the long-time friends can’t resist the urge to kiss for the first time. Their lips are soft and the sugar makes them even sweeter. In this VR porn video, they are enjoying their first kiss so much that neither of them hears when Elena’s stepfather enters the room with a plate of sandwiches he made for the girls. You burst in angrily and begin to chastise your stepdaughter, but Elena notices that your cock is hard and starts rubbing it through your jeans. You might be angry, but your dick is telling them that you are horny after what you saw. She takes your cock out and starts sucking it, assuring you that it is all right since they are both old enough and Elena isn’t your real daughter anyway. With that, you feel your pretty blonde stepdaughter’s tongue on your dick and just moan in reply. All of that kissing has Mina’s pussy wet when she turns around and begs you to put it inside of her. Watching your big cock penetrate her friend is hot, but Elena can’t wait to feel it for herself. It is bigger and better than she ever could have hoped for. The girls take turns and continue exploring one another while you bang their horny teenage holes. You blast their faces and as she licks cum from her best friend’s face, Elena knows she won’t have to share your cock with anyone else for much longer.

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