VirtualTaboo: Your Private VR Show

Well hello there. Thank you for joining me for this fantasy VR lingerie show. My name is Simona Purr and I am here to show you some new outfits I bought just for you. Sit down and make yourself comfortable. With your permission I would like to begin, This is one of my favourite outfits. You don’t think it shows too much of my booty, do you? Oh, you like it this way? Good, let me show you some more. If I bend over just right you can see my ass really nice and close up. It looks like you might be having some trouble there in your pants. Are they too tight when you’re all big and hard like that? If I take off my top and show you my titties, will you take out your cock and stroke it for me? Oh please. Wow, you are so big. Is all that for me? Would you like to see more? Maybe I can take off my panties for you? Can you see how wet I am? All of this is for you. This and all of my holes, all just waiting for you. Would you like a closer look? Move over here so you can hear my fingers squishing around in my pussy and see just how much I want your big hard cock. Do you think all of that would fit in this tight little hole? I think you want to find out. I know you want to find out. Oh, but you look like you are ready to cum. Go ahead, shoot that big load for me. Let me see how much you want to fuck me next time.

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