VR Conk: Lost In The Woods

Ok, we are more than sure that you have at least once heard about a story called “Little Red Riding Hood” – haven’t you? You know, that tale about the girl lost in the woods, who after reaching her beloved grandma’s house finds out that she has been taken over by the “Big Bad Wolf”, who wants to eat you… sounds familiar? Yeah, and we have just turned that little fable into our latest parody VR porn movie! Lost In The Woods is VR Conk’s brand-new stockings VR porn fantasy on behalf of which you will become a handsome lumberjack, who will be reached by the abovementioned girl – played by a top-class blonde VR porn star, Marilyn Sugar – as she is now in a dire need of your help. The girl is really lost and she has no idea how to reach her lovely nanny – and since you will look like a trustworthy and reasonable guy to her, she will decide to trust you and offer you a deal if you will choose to show her the proper way. You see, even though the girl is cute and charming, she, too, is a little slutty devil – and she won’t have any problems with sucking your cock and letting you bang her tight little pussy in exchange for your help. Wear your VR goggles and join Marilyn as we speak, as this poor little vixen really needs your assistance as fast as possible – and we are pretty sure that you, too, will be more than happy to receive some of her “assistance” as well. All of that is now waiting for you at – your favorite website full of top-class premium virtual reality porn experiences for you to enjoy! Oh, and make sure – as it befits a lumberjack – to bring your “piece of wood” tough and sturdy to that little lady!

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