DarkRoomVR: Don’t Tell Your Boss

Eliza Eves VR is enjoying herself in the morning. She and her boyfriend had a wonderful night of fantastic sex and she is still enjoying the afterglow. Even after being fucked so well, she finds herself horny just thinking about how good his dick felt inside of her. There is a knock at her door and she rushes to answer it. Hoping it is her boyfriend coming back for another round of fun, she is disappointed to find his assistant at her door. His boss sent him to her place with a box of treats to thank her for a wonderful evening. Though she has a sweet tooth, her cravings at the moment are more carnal than caloric. She sees him staring at her and the lust in his eyes is turning her on. Teasing him, she holds out the box and asks him to grab anything he likes. He is bold and puts his hand into her top, cupping her breast. Matching his energy, she puts her mouth on his cock and starts to suck like a model from his favourite VR porn movies. Needing more, she turns around and presents herself to him. His cock is just what she needed. She hates cheating on her boyfriend, but she needs satisfaction and he shouldn’t have left before completing the job. His dick hits all the right spots as he rides him to climax. Pulling out just in time, he shoots a big load on her face, leaving her as covered as the treats he delivered. They both know her boyfriend will be angry if he finds out, but she is too horny to resist and getting to fuck this pretty girl is worth losing his job over.

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