VirtualTaboo: Almost Dressed

Emelie Crystal has been your housekeeper for over two years and she has become part of the family. She has noticed that you have been very lonely since your wife took that job overseas. When she is gone you just mope around the house and when you think you’re alone, you watch VR Porn to keep from getting too horny. She knows that you need more than your hand can offer and decides to make sure you know just how much your hard work is appreciated. In this VR porn video, she invites you into her room and is dressed in a skimpy, see-through outfit that has your attention immediately. Telling you not to leave, she explains that she knows you won’t cheat on your wife, but she has seen you looking at her and wants to help you by letting you watch her get naked while she plays with herself. Before you have a chance to say no, she rolls over and arches her back to show off her amazing ass. It’s OK, this will stay a secret. No guilt, no strings, all you have to do is just enjoy looking at her body as she strips. Her breasts are so perky and more beautiful than you ever imagined. She encourages you to take out your cock and stroke it, moaning gently when she sees how hard you are for her. As she touches her body, the pretty young housekeeper confesses that she has fantasized about fucking you for a long time. She rubs her pussy and puts her fingers inside while seeing your cock throb in your fist. It’s OK to let go, she won’t tell. In fact, next time she might even let you put it in.

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