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Sia Siberia has always been a bit of a brat. She knows how to get her way from the many men her mother has married during her life. Her new stepfather is no different. Now that she is in college, Sia needs her car to get around. When her mother takes it away from her, she knows just what to do in order to get it back. She has seen the way her stepfather looks at her when he thinks she is not paying attention. She has also seen his VR Headset and his history of VR Taboo Porn. There is no way he is going to be able to say no if she just puts on the right outfit and asks in the right way. When her mother is at work, Sia comes into your bedroom dressed in a full-length fishnet body stocking. You can’t believe your eyes as she confidently sits on the bed and tells you that she knows you think about her. There is no point in denying it since she can already see your cock poking out of your trousers. She tells you that she knows it is wrong, but wants to watch you jerk off to her anyway. You begin pumping your prick, listening to her as she encourages you to stroke for her. Her body tingles as she sees you throb in your fist and feels your eyes all over her nearly naked body. Wiggling her ass at you she implores you to go faster and dares you to tell her that she is hotter than her mother. You do both as she fingers her tight pussy, moaning her name as you shoot a huge load over the bed. Sia doesn’t even have to ask for her keys. She can have anything she wants from you now.

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