VR Conk: Read My Lips (ASMR Experience)

Have you ever had any problems with hearing? Have you ever had to visit an… otolaryngologist? Phew, that’s the tough-ass word! Anyway, don’t worry, we are not running any statistics or doing the checks on the health status of our fans and members – no, we’re only hoping to invite you to our latest uniform VR porn movie!If you are a member of for a while, you’ve probably seen most of our virtual reality porn fantasies – which also means that you have watched one of our productions with ASMR elements. When we released the first one of those, we were really surprised by how much you guys have enjoyed it – and thus we are giving you another one of those today! The one inside of which Kay Lovely – our new VR porn model with big tits – will do some… extraordinary checks on your hearing capabilities.Read My Lips (ASMR Experience) is all about paying a visit to the abovementioned doctor – with the only difference that… there’s something weird with the one that you’ve paid the visit to today. She barely knows what’s her name, she seems a little bit… obsessive with you, and her methods? Man, those are really weird, too!But you know what? Screw that! Even though she will be doing some really weird checks on you, after all, they are really enjoyable, too – so why would you make her stop giving you all that pleasure? Not to mention that this teen VR porn scene will quickly develop from just doing some regular (or maybe… irregular) checks to a blowie and even some hardcore banging that you came here for.Now you only have to wear your VR goggles (and headphones, too!) and watch (and listen!) to this latest release of ours – we are sure that you’re going to have a great time with Kay Lovely, no matter if she is or isn’t the doctor that was supposed to take care of you today…

Download the full video at VR Conk.
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