DarkRoomVR: Maid's Job

Emilie Crystal VR has always been a great student, but her tuition bills are piling up and she desperately needs a job. Finding a job that fits with her class schedule has been a challenge so she is very excited when she is offered a position as a maid in a huge penthouse. When she arrives on her first day, she meets her new boss. He is mysterious and handsome and looks her over in a way that no man has ever looked at her. He hands her a new uniform and tells her to put it on. There is no privacy, but he makes no effort to move. In this VR porn movie, she shyly changes into her uniform, feeling his eyes on her body every step of the way. He shakes his head. This won’t do. Tugging down her top, he leaves her breasts exposed and uses his belt as a leash. This is not what she signed up for, but Emilie is intrigued by his aggressive and dominant nature. He gives the leash a tug and directs her to where she needs to focus her attention. She dutifully moves her head to his crotch and opens her mouth when he pulls out his cock. Wanting to please him, she does as instructed and bends over while he fucks her from behind. None of her boyfriends have been this big or so skilled with their cocks. Her body responds immediately to his powerful thrusts. He pulls her on top and lets her ride until she is overcome by waves of pleasure. Lost in her own climax, Emilie doesn’t notice until it is too late that her new employer has fired his thick load deep into her pussy. This is only day one and she knows she will never miss a day of work.