DarkRoomVR: Order Above Everything

Aubrey Black is used to getting what she wants in business and in the bedroom. When she divorced her husband, she got their amazing apartment even though it was way too big for just one person. Now she is able to rent out one of the rooms to young college students in the area. She loves bringing them in and explaining the rules for the first time. It is very simple, if the young stud wants the room at a great rate he has to follow Aubrey’s rules. The first rule is that he is only allowed to shower and watch VR porn movies with the doors open. When he agrees to the first rule, she moves on to the second. Since she is a woman with needs and a high sex drive, he must be willing to service her when and how she needs, no questions asked. Wasting no time, she lets him know that his assistance is required before he is even allowed to move in. Consider it a tryout. After ordering him to his knees, Aubrey backs her ass up onto his face and gets a sample of his eager oral skills. Only after he passes this first test does she want to see what he’s packing. His meat meets her high standards so she gets him good and wet in her mouth before ordering him to stuff her horny hole like his life, or at least his living arrangement, depends on it. He does what he is told and fucks her mature pussy better than her husband ever could. She rides him so hard that she doesn’t even notice when he cums into her horny pussy. He gets the room and is going to be working hard to stay there.

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