DarkRoomVR: Real Teaching

Pretty Matty is a very talented musician. Her parents spare no expense to assure that she always has the best teachers. They have heard great things about a new instructor in town. He is very expensive, exclusive and a bit mysterious. He only takes on nineteen-year-old female students and insists on having the first lesson alone in the home with his student. Matty is nervous around her new teacher, especially when he stares at her for too long. There is something deep and dark in his eyes and it makes her feel warm all over. In this VR porn episode, he listens to her play for a while and then chastises her for being too stiff. She needs to learn to let go and he knows just how to teach her this lesson. He bends her over and lifts her skirt, exposing her ass. Since he likes what he sees, he takes out his cock and puts her oral skills to the test. Wanting to obey her teacher, she does whatever the handsome stranger asks, nearly ripping off her panties when he wants to see the treasure waiting between her legs. His dick is bigger than any she has ever seen in her favourite VR porn videos and her pussy is on fire with desire as he pounds her on the piano bench in her parents’ expensive home. Matty has never been fucked so hard and her pussy is creaming all over his thrusting rod. He makes her clean her juices from his dick before letting her get on top to bounce as hard as she can. She closes her eyes and gets so lost in her own pleasure that she doesn’t notice him cumming inside of her bare pussy. This is only her first lesson, but she can’t wait for the next.

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