DarkRoomVR: The Ritual

Hard working student Sia Siberia has been struggling lately. She is a full time student who works as many hours as she can to pay for her modest apartment. Between her studies and long hours as a waitress, she has no time for anything resembling a social life. Still, she dreams of the good life, where she has a big home, plenty of time for hot sex with handsome guys from her favorite VR porn videos, pretty girls and any combination of them both. After seeing witchcraft videos on the internet, Sia decides to try a voodoo ritual to give her a shortcut to the good life. She tries to keep it simple, summoning up spirits to relieve her of the burden of her monthly rent. What she doesn’t know is that her landlord is in the room and listening as she tries the ritual. In this VR porn episode, she decides to take advantage of the situation he makes himself known and makes her an offer that will assure she gets what she wants. He tells her that he was summoned to make her rent disappear and all she has to do to make this happen is to do anything he asks. Sia can see his hard cock straining to get out of his trousers and knows what she must do to make her dreams come true. He takes his cock out and Sia starts licking it until it is nice and wet. He bends her over and lifts her cute little kitty tail so make sure his meat slides all the way into her tight little hole. His cock goes deeper than any guy she ever fucked, sending Sia into fits of eye rolling climaxes. She recovers her senses in time to let him shoot a big load of cum right into her mouth. If she had known that this is all it took to live rent free, she would have fucked him months ago.

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