VirtualTaboo: Dick Award

Crystal Richie and her best friend Simon Kitty have been very frustrated with their sex lives in college. The guys they hook with are nothing like the studs they see in VR Porn and nowhere near as big. They decide to be adventurous and order a big sex toy to see if bigger is really better. When the toy arrives, they are both excited and shocked to see that it is way bigger than they expected. Deciding it might still be fun, the two girls play with the monster dong and are so involved in their play that they don’t notice Crystal’s stepfather has come home. You aren’t angry and encourage the girls to continue their exploration together. Simon has always had a thing for both her best friend and her stepfather so she is all for a horny taboo VR porn threesome. Crystal isn’t sure at first, but when you pull out your cock she forgets all about what her mom might think and join her friend on her knees to suck your dick. While not quite as big as their toy, your meat is far larger than any the girls have seen at school and they can’t wait to feel it inside of them. Since you are her stepfather, Crystal gets to go first, bending over and loving every inch as you work into her from behind. Simon is happy sucking on her pretty friend’s nipples until it is her turn to get boned. The girls can’t believe how big he is or how long you can fuck as they take turns riding and enjoying your delicious dick. As they share your hot sticky load they learn that the real thing is just so much better than any toy.

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