VirtualTaboo: Double Impact

You were a little unsure when your girlfriend Sia Siberia wanted to go to a lingerie party. She promised there wouldn’t be any other men there, but it still seemed odd. It meant a lot to her though so you agreed. Your trust is rewarded in a most surprising manner when Sia comes home with her friend Milena Ray still dressed in the sexy lingerie they tried on at the party. Both girls look like hot models from your favourite VR porn videos. Sia can see right away that you like the view and don’t mind that she has brought Milena home with her. They decide to model their new outfits for you. Which one do you like better? Red or white? Which one makes their asses look better? Both outfits are stunning and Sia’s new friend is turning you both on. Your girlfriend notices the effect they are having on you and knows you are ready to see her go a little further with the new hottie. Since you are being so nice to her by letting her play with Milena, Sia decides that they should show you more. Seeing two beautiful women half-naked turns you on and seeing your cock throb in your hand turns them on. In this VR porn video, they strip down to just their garters and start rubbing themselves in time to your strokes. As hot as they looked in new lingerie, both women are even sexier with it nearly off and their legs spread wide open. Now that she has your blessing, Sia wants to go out with her friend again, this time all night long. Then, she might just bring a friend home for you.

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