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Safira’s once-thriving social media accounts have been a bit stagnant lately. No matter what topics she chooses, she just doesn’t get the views she got in the beginning. Turning to you for help, she desperately wants something that will bring people back. You are hesitant to make a suggestion at first, but she really wants your honest opinion. Finally giving in, you give her your idea for more followers. She needs to take full advantage of her best assets, namely, her big, amazing titties. Safira is shocked to hear you talk about her body like this, but she knows you are right. Her tits are big and all the guys she has ever met love them. Maybe it’s time she did some VR porn taboo content that shows them off. As soon as she agrees, you run to your room and bring her an outfit that you think will be perfect. Squeezing into the red swimsuit, she can feel it pushing her tits up and out, accentuating her curves. She looks like a real VR porn model in this sexy outfit. You immediately agree to shoot some pictures for her and Safira laughs as she sees that your cock is rock hard inside of your pants. Posing turns her on almost as much as it does you and she decides to be bold. Popping her boobs out, she tells you to keep shooting, but only if you will show her that big dick of yours. Seeing you stroke your cock while shooting pictures makes her horny as she imagines all of her fans looking at her new pictures and jerking off. She gets completely naked and shoves her fingers into her horny pussy. She can’t wait for all of her fans to see her this way and stroke like mad, just like you. Maybe if she is lucky, you will fuck her for the next update.

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