VirtualTaboo: I Have Something To Show You

You have been working so hard lately that your girlfriend has invited you over for a relaxing night at her place. When you arrive she is dressed in white lingerie with a stern look on her face. She found your VR headset and knows what you do when she is not around. Not that she minds. In fact, she thinks it’s kind of hot and wants to be your private VR porn slut for a night. Encouraging you to get comfortable, she slips off her top and shakes her big, firm tits at you. No VR headset needed for this show, just take out your cock and stroke while she strips. The more she shows, the bigger your cock grows and the faster your stroke, the more she takes off. That’s it, just like that, harder, faster. Show her how much you love looking at her. How good it feels to jerk your dick thinking of her wet, inviting pussy and juicy ass. She is so proud of you, working those long hours to take care of her. Just imagine how good it is going to feel to finally let her take care of your needs with her beautiful body. Wiggling her ass, she watches as you stare at her, begging to see more. Her legs spread wide as she slides her fingers along her thighs and finally into her juicy pussy. Do you want to fuck her now? Or do you want to just keep stroking along with her until you both cum? Before you can decide, your desire makes the choice for you and you both explode at once. You can’t wait for a repeat performance.

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