VirtualTaboo: Ladies Cum First

Alya Stark and Stefany Kyler have been best friends all through school. Both good students, stars on the gymnastics team, and popular cheerleaders remained close despite their competitive nature. More than once, they found themselves fighting for the attention of the same guy, but it rarely created any tension between the besties. Through all of the years, there was only one man that they both agreed was off-limits. Their favorite teacher was handsome and charming and they both wanted him so much that they had to agree to not go after him. After graduation, they agree that it is time to give you your shot and let you decide who you want to fuck. In this VR porn video, they surprise you in your classroom in skimpy outfits that show off their tight young bodies beautifully. You love what you are looking at and encourage them to take off even more. As they put on a VR porn show, the girls decide that there is no reason to make you choose. Looking at your hard cock, they know you have more than enough for both of them. They ask you to stroke your cock while they strip each other and kiss for your viewing pleasure. You stare at their firm asses and know you can’t hold out for long. They love watching you pump your huge juicy cock and finger their tight pussies. It is a race to the finish as they try to cum before you shoot your thick load all over the floor. You don’t have to choose which one to fuck, but they still need you to make a big decision. Which one do you want to fuck first?

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