VR Bangers: Just Like A Movie

Have you ever wondered how could it be to play a role in a real movie? Even though we’re shooting professional VR porn scenes only, you know that our niche is kind of similar to making non-erotic films - and we decided to use that theme inside of our latest VR porn scene with a lot of kissing.   Just Like A Movie is our brand-new release with Kenna James - one of your favorite blonde VR porn stars - on behalf of which we are turning you two into a pair of real actors! You will “wake up” (right after wearing your VR goggles) next to Kenna, who will become your partner in the real movie - and you will be in the middle of one of the scenes.   The thing is that even though (at least at the beginning) it’s not gonna be a porn movie, you two will actually be playing a scene in bed - one of those moments that has to get a little erotic no matter what, and you need to feel the intimacy with your partner. is a website full of surprises - and you know that by now already - so you’re probably expecting us already to give it all a little twist - and yes, we’ve prepared one of those for you! The thing is that Kenna won’t feel the proper connection with you, and when the director will announce the break, she will ask to stay on the set with you to “try some lines”.   And yes, this naturally means that she got horny in the meantime and she wants to “practice” some other things with you - and since this is an anal VR porn movie, it’s obvious that she’s really in the mood for some “erotic scenes” and that you really can’t say “no” to this one-of-a-kind offer!

Download the full video at VR Bangers.
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