Virtual Real Passion: Luxury Tuppersex

With a tray full of sex toys, Kevin White comes to show you the luxury of the different dildos. You examine all the options as he speaks about them. You have to choose one to play with, or is there a better option? Just thinking of what are you going to do next makes you horny. You make him approach to you and you start to touch his cock through his pants… so he asks you with desire if you prefer his penis than the dildos. With a cheeky smile, you take his cock with your hand and make it hard. But he wants to look you feeling aroused, so he starts to lick your pussy and caress your hip, making you tremble with pleasure. After that, he excites you by playing with your nipples with his tongue and mouth. You ask him to fuck you while you are lying down, but then you decided that you want to lead the movements, so you sit him on a chair and ride him. You both will cum, and you’ll be able to see by his face how much did he liked it.

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