VirtualTaboo: No Man Can Resist

Your first year of college has not been what you expected or hoped for. As a shy young man on campus, you have found it difficult to make friends and nearly impossible to meet women. Your social life consists of frequent study meet-ups with your pretty lab partner and your sex life consists of thinking of her while masturbating to VR Porn. You have a crush on her of course but are way too shy to act on it. Luckily for you, Karina King is not only very smart but also perceptive and adventurous. She can tell that you need more in your life than just studies. Her two friends are every bit as lovely as Karina and all of them are dressed in white lacy lingerie with stockings. She knows exactly what you like and can tell from your smile and the lump in your jeans that you like the surprise she has set up for you. They pull down their tops, showing you six firm young boobs that bounce and jiggle in unison. They love teasing you, but also have a competitive streak. Do you have a favourite? Maybe you just need to see more to make the decision. How about a look at their naked asses? Would you like to spank them? Sure you can, but only if you do it with your big hard cock. Whip it out and test how firm we are back there with some good hard whacks. This is a VR porn dream come true. Three hot horny coeds begging to feel your cock and watch you pump it for them. Watch them all pump their holes with their fingers until they cum. Now close your eyes and imagine cumming into any pussy you want. Maybe next time you will.

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