VirtualTaboo: Work at Home Play at Home

You were happy when your wife Aubrey Black started a new VR taboo business from your home. The extra money was nice, she enjoyed being at home and it improved her mood considerably. When the business grew and she hired a pretty young blonde named Isabelle Deltore, you were even happier. Coming home from the office to see the smile on your wife’s face and her cute young assistant made getting home your favourite part of the day. It is a great arrangement that gets even better when you come home one day to find your wife and Isabelle dressed only in skimpy lingerie and heels. They look like something out of a VR Porn Fantasy. Aubrey asks you if you would mind terribly if these outfits became their home office uniforms to wear daily. Would you be able to come home to this sight and not lose all control? What if you came home and found them doing more than just work? Just to make sure you fully understand the question, they give a demonstration of what you might walk in on. Oh goodness. Your wife can’t help but notice your arousal after just a few minutes of them playing together. If a little kissing has you this excited, then perhaps the uniforms are too much? No? Do you want to see more? You are going to have to join in then. Come on, take out that big cock and show Isabelle why your wife is always bragging about you. See how wet it’s making her little pussy just watching you stroke? Does it make you want to cum watching your busty wife play with her horny young partner? You better show her how much. Cum really hard for them and maybe next time you can play with them.

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