VR Bangers: July 4th: Make America Hard Again

Time to celebrate Independence Day 2022 with VR Bangers! This year we would like to invite you to a grill party with our two super-hot VR porn stars - Elle Lee and Braylin Bailey - who are in desperate need of your help because their grill broke! Imagine how grateful they’re gonna be if you’ll help them…   Okay, but let’s discuss this new threesome VR porn movie called July 4th: Make America Hard Again from the beginning. As soon as you will wear your VR goggles and log to, you will be magically teleported to a supposedly regular Independence Day during which you’ll be chilling in front of your TV. Your wife is gonna come and ask you to help her with something - or, actually, help your two sexy teenage neighbors who won’t be able to begin their grill party without your help.   Since you’re a decent guy and you don’t need too much motivation to spend some time with an Asian VR porn star and a blonde VR xxx model, you’ll go there right away and fix their grill in a matter of seconds. Now the girls will be so grateful to you that they’ll decide to invite both you and your wife to that party they’re hosting - but since your wife has gone for groceries… your three will be left all by yourself.   What could happen next? And what do you think? Wear your VR headset and join the girls to find out that they are into older guys like you - giving yourself (at least according to us) one of the best ways to celebrate Independence Day. This year we’re sure that you’re gonna have a blast during that little grill party - and remember that your wife should come back any moment now, so you need to hurry if you want to “party hard”!

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