Virtual Real Passion: VirtualRealPassion Hotel

Katy Rose and Jayla de Angelis are invited for a weekend at VRPass Hotel, a place of amusement to spend some time with friends. When Jayla arrives, she goes to the room where her roommate and friend Katy is. She is trying the gifts from the “welcome pack” when Jayla knocks on the terrace door, surprising her. Both decided to try the outfits and start to dance and flirt together. But suddenly a handsome bellboy knocks on their door and, giving them some oil, offers them to go to the pool. They realized that he likes them by the way he looks at them.     When he leaves, they decided to go to the pool and for that they start to put some oil between them. They are playful and they kiss each other. Jayla says that in fact, she wants to fuck the handsome boy in the pool. So, they take the elevator but… the bellboy is in there! They start laughing and they invite him to join them when he finishes his shift… and for making clear her intentions, Jayla touches his dick over his pants, showing him his chest. They are in the swimming pool and suddenly the receptionist appears. The three of them start to play and kiss each other. He starts a pussy licking to Katy, then starts a missionary… and Jayla plays with both. Then, they all have sex on the sunbed, doing cowboy, lateral missionary… until the three of them cum together.

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