VirtualTaboo: Bed Playground

Ever since your father married Natalie Grace, you have been uncomfortable around her. She is closer to your age than his and when she catches you staring at her, she seems to smile back. You know it’s a bad idea to even think about her that way, but she runs around the house in such skimpy outfits that even constant VR Porn isn’t enough to keep the naughty fantasies under control. One night when dad is out of town on business, Natalie calls you into her bedroom to help with something. You open the door and find her in the middle of her bed in the tiniest of lingerie. Embarrassed, you know that you should leave, but you don’t want to take your eyes off of her fine-looking body. She knows you have been watching her and confesses that it turns her on. She doesn’t cheat on your father, but can’t help the way it feels knowing that you want her so much. Her idea is to take your taboo porn fantasies from under your VR headset into the real world. Sit back and enjoy yourself while she touches her body and thinks about how much your forbidden lust turns her on. Don’t worry about how wrong it is. Enjoy the show as she peels off her clothes and slides her fingers up and down her thighs. She is so wet for you. Take out your cock and stroke it. Do you like how wet and pink her pussy is? She dares you to cum before she does. Can you beat her to the finish line? Show stepmommy how much you want her.

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