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Lia Lin had a reputation at school as a slut long before your mom married her dad making her completely off limits. That meant having your friends talk about fucking her and knowing that she was doing live gaming streams half naked in the same house. You tried to ignore that by spending your time locked in your room watching VR Porn, but the hot taboo scenes only fueled your desires for your former classmate turned step-sibling. Your lust was not much of a secret. Lia was used to guys staring at her and wanting to fuck her. She knew exactly what you were watching behind your closed bedroom door and it turned her on too. One night you see a note slipped under the door inviting you to watch her gaming stream live from her bedroom. When you enter the room you find Lia in one of her skimpiest gaming outfits. She invites you to sit down and watch this very special VR porn show. As she plays, she tells you that she knows you watch her and think about her when you’re jerking off. She confesses that it is hot, but now that you are step-siblings it just wouldn’t be right to do anything. That doesn’t mean that you can’t watch her, with your cock out and enjoy yourself. You agree and stroke yourself while Lia plays, teasing you with her tight teenage ass and sultry stare. Seeing how big your cock has grown, she takes off her top and plays with her nipples. This is making her super horny and because she is a gamer, Lia has a challenge for you. Stroke at full speed while she plays with herself and see if you can hold out until after she cums. Can you do it? Are you man enough to wait for her before you explode? If you win, who knows what she might do next.

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