VirtualTaboo: Harness And Fishnet

Lika Star VR has gone to great lengths to prepare something very special for her boyfriend’s birthday. She went shopping for a super sexy outfit. Lika is awaiting him in her bedroom and hoping to surprise him when he got home. When Lika heard the front door open, she was very excited, but she was the one who got the surprise when her stepfather walked into the room. You were shocked to see how she was dressed, but couldn’t stop staring at her tight young body. She looks like a model from your favourite VR porn movies. Lika finds herself getting quite turned on by the desire in your eyes. She could never cheat on her boyfriend, especially with her stepfather, but she doesn’t mind being a bit naughty. Teasing you, she asks if you think her boyfriend will like the outfit and the present she has underneath it. You do and take out your hard cock to prove it. Of course, he will, but Lika wants you to show her how much you like it since your cock is so visibly hard. You are worried that Likas’s boyfriend will think if he comes home, but Lika spreads her legs and tells you to hurry up and jerk off for her. Knowing they could get caught makes her excited and she encourages you to go faster. She wants to see you cum for her and slides her fingers inside of her pussy to race towards her own climax. As soon as she sees you start to spurt, Lika cums all over her fingers. You are both so excited that neither of you heard the door open.

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