VirtualTaboo: I Want You

You have been away at college for less than two months, but you already really miss home. It has been to adjust to life on campus, but the hardest part has been being away from your beautiful girlfriend Holly Molly. Even though you talk on the phone almost every night, it just isn’t the same without her to hang out with and fuck any time the mood strikes. She can tell you are getting lonely, but also knows that you would never cheat on her. That kind of loyalty deserves a special treat so she asks you to call her the next time you are alone in your dorm for a VR taboo video chat. As soon as you call, you know this is going to be special. Holly is alone in her room and wearing a skimpy little bodysuit. She wants to tell you how much she misses you and show you something that might hold you over until you see each other again. Sitting on the edge of her bed, she teases you, asking you to strip down and show her that big cock that she misses so much. Once she sees how excited you are, she gives you your VR porn surprise. Her naked ass is stuffed with a buttplug. Holly wants to make sure you get something extra special when you come home for the holidays and has been training her butthole so you can be the first man to fuck it. With your full attention now guaranteed, she reminds you not to forget about her other tight, horny hole as she fingers herself. You have to wait to fuck her ass, but you can both cum together tonight. Pump her holes and give her that big load, right now.

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