VirtualTaboo: The Heat Is On

It is bikini season, but instead of spending time at the beach, having fun in the sun and checking out the VR porn hotties, you are working your ass off for a new boss. He has you running day and night doing every trivial office chore he can think of. You would be happy to quit, but you really need the money and even an entry-level job at this firm is worth putting up with whatever the boss wants. Sometimes that means running menial errands like today. He had you run by his house at lunch to pick up some papers he forgot. It is just the kind of chore that you hate until you arrive at his home and find his college daughter home for the summer. She is by the pool in a tiny pink bikini and before you can say a word she catches you staring. Since she is the boss’ daughter, you worry that she might be upset by your lustful gaze, but she smiles and asks if you like what you see. Of course, you do, but you are still nervous about being there alone with her. She lets you know it’s all right. In this VR porn episode, you can’t touch her, but you can look. In fact, if you give her something to look at, she might just show you what’s underneath her bikini. That is an offer too good to pass up. You take out your cock and stroke it slowly while your boss’ pretty daughter shows you her tits and tells you how much she loves watching guys shoot loads. Yenifer gives you plenty to see and as you fire your cum into the air you can hear the wet squishes of her fingers in her twat. Nice start, but maybe next time you can stay long enough to put that load inside of her.