Virtual Real Passion: The Taste Of Passion

Dancing a little while he listens to music in his headphones, Bishop Black is cooking for you. You want to help him with something but he says, with a smile, that you just have to sit down and relax while the master cook. But when he finishes cooking, he says that maybe you can go together and relax. So, you move to the living room and he starts the relaxing time by going down and giving you a pussy licking kneeling on the floor while you are sitting on the couch. He knows how to move his tongue because you are feeling extreme pleasure. After that, he fucks you in different positions going soft at the beginning and then fucking you hard the way you like it. He touches your boobs at the same time that he penetrates you, which makes you feel even more pleasure. You want to take the lead too and you sit on him moving your hips and feeling his cock deep inside of you. After both of you come, you feel hungry. Lucky you have the meal ready to eat!

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